Why use TATAA

Get better results, faster.

TATAA Biocenter is a biotechnology company working at the forefront of molecular biology research. We provide the highest quality data by using specialised products, optimised workflows from years of experience and a special focus on quality control. At TATAA, we provide active tailored support throughout the whole lifetime of your project.

In the front line

By being continuously up-to-date about news and techniques within the field of real-time PCR technology and sample management we offer high quality analyses and fastest possible turnaround. Organizing state-of-the-art symposia and courses worldwide combined with performing a broad range of different research projects accumulates constant new knowledge and keeps us in the front line of the world of genetic analyses.

Save time and money

Our customers find TATAA Biocenters’ services to be both cost and time effective. You can liberate your staff to do what they do best for efficient work flow and let our technical team perform the real-time PCR related experiments with expertise. It will save time compared to designing and optimizing the real-time PCR applications yourself. Also save money when you don’t have to buy your own instruments, kits or reagents. We are prepared for a seamless workflow from storage of samples and extraction, all through to post-PCR analysis and continuous applications, for a faster processing.

The latest technology

Our laboratories are set with all the instrumentation necessary and optimized to perform high quality experiments and handling delicate samples with confidence. We are prepared for a seamless workflow from storage of samples and extraction, to qPCR, and post PCR analysis. We have a unique instrument park, offering the latest technology with access to >10 real-time PCR instruments from leading manufacturers. In addition we have separate systems for automated plate setup, permitting high throughput qPCR analyses as well as fast processing. Numerous possibilities for extraction of different nucleic acids and our ready-to-go protocols for a wide range of sample types, enable a short start-up phase and choosing the correct method. Please visit Laboratory areas for a complete list of our labs and equipment.

Laboratory accreditation

Ensure highest quality results by letting us perform your analysis in accordance with the recognized International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Our laboratory’s fulfillment of the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 means that we meet both the technical competence requirements and management system requirements that are necessary for us to consistently deliver technically valid test results and calibrations. Read more about the accreditation here.

Wide collaboration network

TATAA Biocenter works together with biotechnology and pharma companies, food industry, hospitals, universities and government institutions, life science suppliers and manufacturers, biomaterial and BioIT companies etc. The wide range of collaborations provides us with constant updates and new angles of approach, forming our extensive expertise. No matter the size of a project or the customer, you can rely upon us to make sure you get what you need. Our clients can draw advantage from us as an independent laboratory with high customer focus.


  • You will get customized design and flexibility for your needs
  • Experimental designs and biostatistical analyses are available
  • We offer specialized training of your staff for a simple transfer of know-how
  • TATAA Biocenter does not only offer to handle your experiments. You can also use us for practical and theoretical consulting if you need experts’ advice for your own work. Our friendly, pedagogic and highly qualified staff provide consulting and advice for sampling, sample extraction, storage, transportation of samples, experimental design, how to choose instruments, reagents and methods, good laboratory practice, primer design, data analysis and statistics, and any help you may need related to nucleic acids analyses. Please visit Expert advice and consulting for more information.
  • The TATAA laboratories are equipped with all the instrumentation necessary for performing well designed high quality experiments. We also offer you to utilize our unique instrument park for your own experiments. Please visit TATAA Genomics Core Facility for more information.
  • Don’t miss our highly appreciated hands-on training courses to develop and improve your laboratory work, biostatistical experimental design and analyses at your own premises customer focus.

We take care of parts of the real-time PCR process, e.g. perform the proper extractions of the particular nucleic acids necessary, designing the assays required, or run high-throughput qPCR. Or we manage an entire project from the first step to the last, starting with strategic planning, via seamless handling, to a complete transfer of know-how to our client.

We put the customer’s wishes and needs first to be able to deliver reproducible results with high quality, on shortest possible time. Together we identify what analyses that needs to be done, whatt here are to consider to live up to the high standards and requirements of real-time PCR, and offer the best solution for the specific needs of the project. TATAA Biocenter works according to the MIQE guidelines (Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments) in order to ensure relevance, accuracy, correct interpretation, and repeatability in real-time PCR analyses.