Project and qPCR Assay design

Experimental design and Nested pilot study

Substantial time and money can be saved by proper design of experiments and larger studies. Though, it is more difficult to do the design of a study than to analyze the measured data from a well designed study. Before starting any larger study good strategy is to perform a small pilot from which the variance contributions from the different experimental steps are estimated. Any poor behaving step is identified and may be improved by, for example, replacing a kit.

Once all steps are working well it is possible to optimize the nesting of the experiment, i.e., at what steps to perform technical replicates to obtain highest data quality for a certain budget. Once the standard operating procedure is in place, the number of subjects that shall be recruited for the study can be estimated based on the total technical variance of the experiment.

TATAA Biocenter helps customers designing their experiments and optimizing the setup to reduce costs and improve power.

Assay (primer and probe) design and validation

TATAA Biocenter offers to design and validate your assays for qPCR. We have for more than a decade designed and validated primers and probes with the high quality demands within our research and commissioned services, resulting in assays that can be relied upon. Avoid risking time consuming re-orders of unvalidated assays that do not work, and fulfil the demands of the MIQE Guidelines by receiving the assay sequences from us.

Depending on your requirements we will design and/or validate SYBR qPCR assays or probe qPCR assays, either to use in further analyses at our facilities or for you to work with at your own premises. TATAA has several offers. Either, we design your assays from scratch and you can choose to validate them yourself or let us do it for you. Or we can help you validate the ones that you or a third party has designed to make sure you have reliable assays. In addition to the more common species human, mouse and rat, TATAA offers to design for other organisms and also more complicated assays.

Multiplex assay design and validation

More information coming soon.

Expert advice and consulting

Our friendly, pedagogic and highly qualified staff is available for practical and theoretical consulting if you need experts’ advice. We provide consulting and advice on sampling, sample extraction, storage, transportation of samples, experimental design, how to choose instruments, reagents and methods, good laboratory practice, primer design, data analysis and statistics, and any help you may need related to nucleic acid analyses.

Priority Customer

A Priority Customer at TATAA Biocenter is a prioritized customer with a current consulting account, which will guarantee fast and cost effective support for real-time PCR related questions. As a Priority Customer you contact us whenever support is needed, and we will put you in contact with the person at TATAA that can provide you with the best knowledge and as soon as possible.

Validation of kits, reagents and instruments

TATAA Biocenter offers to validate your existing or newly developed kits and reagents. With our unique instrument park with access to >10 qPCR instruments from leading manufacturers and our extensive full range experience of qPCR and related techniques, we can help you get any testing done fast and cost efficiently. This reduces your time to market and makes your products useful for a wider range of customers using different real-time PCR instruments. With our comprehensive knowledge and experience of extracting nucleic acids from a large variety of samples and matrices we can validate your extraction kits and quality control methods. DNA synthesis kits can be readily validated on the qPCR instruments of your choice.


Examples of what can be validated:

    • qPCR assays, enzymes, mixes and dyes
    • Extraction kits for nucleic acids or proteins
    • Quality control of nucleic acids
    • HRM reagents
    • cDNA synthesis reagents
    • Diagnostic kits