Global microRNA analysis

TATAA Biocenter is a Qualified Provider of EdgeSeq services by HTG Molecular.

TATAA offers human microRNA profiling directly on crude samples such as plasma using EdgeSeq.

After extensive comparisons of platforms for global microRNA profiling, TATAA found EdgeSeq to perform the best, considering bias, reproducibility, specificity and sensitivity. 

The HTG EdgeSeq miRNA Whole Transcriptome Assay (miRNA WTA) enables users to measure the expression of 2,083 human miRNA transcripts using next-generation sequencing (NGS). The HTG EdgeSeq chemistry is compatible with fixed tissue samples, biofluids, and cell lines. The miRNA WTA utilizes our automated HTG EdgeSeq system coupled with the sensitivity and dynamic range of NGS-based detection, and can be performed in your lab using the HTG EdgeSeq system, from our VERI/O lab as a service, or at one of the Qualified Service Provider (QSP) sites. 

Features and Benefits 

  • Simultaneous, quantitative detection of 2,083 human miRNA transcripts 
  • Profile circulating miRNA: obtain miRNA profiles from 15 µl of plasma or serum 
  • Extraction-free: reduce extraction-associated data bias and sample loss 
  • Gain insights faster: results in as little as 36 hours 
  • Simplified data analysis: raw numerical data output provided in Excel format 

Sample Requirements 

Sample Type HTG EdgeSeq miRNA Whole Transcriptome Assay
FFPE Tissue One 5 µm section
Extracted RNA from Frozen 10 – 35 ng
Extracted RNA from FFPE 35 ng
PAXgene 500 µl
Plasma / Serum ≥15 µl
Cells ≥3,000 cells

Larger sample input amounts must be diluted. Please consult the assay package insert and HTG EdgeSeq System User Manual for more details.


Pearson correlations of >0.95 are routinely obtained between technical replicates of plasma (left chart) and FFPE (right chart).  



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Fig 1. HTG EdgeSeq Instrument in-situ at TATAA Biocenter, Gothenburg.

EdgeSeq sequencing performed at TATAA Biocenter 


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