Our highly appreciated courses are suitable for researchers, technicians, post-graduate students or anyone that wants to learn more about real-time PCR and real-time PCR related technologies. Most of our courses have both theoretical and practical parts where the participants get to do experiments themselves under experienced supervision. We have a large number of different course modules that are available at different occasion and you may take a full week course or just a single day module. As being a qPCR course provider since 2001 and have trained thousands of satisfied customers we want to share our knowledge with you too.

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Testimonials from previous course participants:

“The course is great! I am impressed by your knowledge and professionalism. The course presents the most current information in the area of miRNAs. I liked all parts of the course, because of the examples that you described very carefully. You perfectly summarized the knowledge regarding all aspects of miRNA analysis. I really love it.”


“I value much the qPCR course I did at TATAA with you years ago. Things evolved enormously since, but still the way you did it helped me a lot everafter. Forever credits for what I’ve learnt from you.”


“The course was very well structured and organized and packed with helpful and intriguing information. I learned a lot and will be able to use it in my work.


” The travel all the way from the Philippines was all worth it. The course was very comprehensive. I really learned a lot and realized many insights regarding the use of qPCR in my research. All instructors were very knowledgeable and very accommodating with questions.


” I liked very much atmosphere in the courses. The courses are intensive educationally and really useful.


“A really good course with interesting lectures. Definitely made me think about what I do when I perform my qPCR, and more secure about doing my statistics more correct in the future.


“I learned all the possible gains and pitfalls of qPCR so I can design proper experiments and be critical when I read publications.


“This is the most excellent courses I have had in recent time – I’m really exposed now to what qPCR is all about and its application.


“TATAA courses are always informative, inspiring and up to date.


“Very informative course and not just because of lectures but discussions in between as well!


“Everyone doing PCR’s should definitely attend this course.


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