Sample preparation and quality control of nucleic acids

Learn how to handle your samples, extract nucleic acids and check the quality to get the most powerful evidence from your experiment.

Testimonial from previous course participant:

“I definitely recommend this course to my colleagues working with qPCR because it’s a wonderful way to broaden your knowledge about qPCR method and sample preparation for it. I’m know aware of problems that could occur while preparing samples and possible ways to get rid of those problems.

1 DAY Sample preparation and quality control of nucleic acids

Target audience: Beginners to Medium experienced qPCR users

Entrance qualifications: Basic Molecular biology or similar

Description: One of the most important requirements to get good results from qPCR experiments is to have a template of good quality. In most cases this means having an efficient sample preparation. This course module is focused on extraction of RNA and DNA to be used as template in qPCR and reverse transcription reactions. It also includes the important quality control steps needed to assure reliable results. The course contains:

  • Overview of nucleic acid extraction methods
  • How to properly determine the concentration of purified nucleic acids
  • Storage of biological samples and purified nucleic acids
  • Quality control of purified material
  • Integrity of purified RNA
  • How to test for the presence of inhibitors