Genotyping with qPCR

Learn about performing genotyping using qPCR.

1 DAY Genotyping with qPCR

Target audience: Beginners to Medium experienced qPCR users

Entrance qualifications: Hands-on qPCR module or similar knowledge

Description: This course will give an introduction to SNP analysis. The course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part where participants get to do SNP analysis experiments by themselves under experienced supervision.

The course contains:

Introduction to small nucleotide polymorphism, SNP

  • What is a SNP?
  • Different ways to analyze genetic variants.

Introduction to HRM

  • What is High Resolution Melting?
  • How does it work and how is it used for genotyping?
  • Which instruments can be used?
  • Design and optimization of HRM assays.

Probe based genotyping

  • Commonly used probe technologies for genotyping analysis.
  • How are they used?

New techniques for genotyping and rare mutation detection

  • Specialized PCR methods like CastPCR, RNase H dependent PCR and myT primers
  • What is digital PCR and how can it be used for rare mutation detection?
  • Introduction to Next generation sequencing and how can it be used for genotyping.


Hands-on lab running HRM experiment and analyzing genotype of unknown samples.

Hands-on lab running genotyping experiment using probe based assay.

Participants will learn how experiments are set up and how data is analyzed with the different technologies.