Custom made courses

Are you a company, research center or university and want a tailor-made course? Custom made courses may be a cost effective alternative when several people from the same company or research center needs education or if you cannot attend our regular course occasions or want a combination of courses that you cannot find in our schedule.


The course can be held at your own facilities or some other place that is convenient for you. We can put together exactly the course parts that are of interest for you and focus on your specific applications and needs. We can combine practical and theoretical parts as you wish.

Example of custom made courses:

  • Primer design and assay validation
  • Data analysis and statistics, with special focus on customers own data
  • Basic course in qPCR and data analysis for research schools and PhD students
  • Combination of basic qPCR and multiplex PCR design.

Please feel free to contact us requests and more information about TATAA Custom Made Courses.