Requirements and info

To ensure good laboratory practice and work in accordance to our high quality standards the following requirements shall be met when you work at TATAA Genomics Core Facility.

Knowledge requirements

Users can get access to the TATAA Genomics Core Facility and its equipment. The requirement is that the user has sufficient knowledge of the techniques for self usage. All users have to pass our mandatory Information and safety session of labs and instruments for self usage before being granted access to the facility. There are introductory training sessions offered for each instrument in our labs (view more information under Prices).

If you are not yet an experienced user we recommend you to attend our hands-on training courses. Our highly appreciated hands-on training courses are the core of our activities and are suitable for researchers, technicians, post-graduate students or anyone who wants to learn more about real-time PCR and related technologies. Please visit Courses for more information. We also provide expert consulting to advice on experimental design, recommend instruments for usage and purchase, reagents and methods for use, how to develop SOP and setup, help with qPCR data analysis and data mining, etc.

For more advanced steps or just to save time TATAA’s expert technicians and researchers can help with selected experimental steps. Visit Services for more information about our commissioned services and research projects.

All work performed at our facility is according to ISO 17025 for good laboratory practice and our personnel work in accordance with the MIQE guidelines (Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments) and most recent recommendations from SPIDIA.

Practical information and safety regulations

Regular TATAA Genomics Core Facility access hours are Monday to Friday 08.30 – 16.30. Experiments can be started earlier and go on longer after agreement with your contact person at TATAA Biocenter. Holidays are closed and the day before a holiday the lab closes at 12.00. We reserve the right to change the access hours temporarily if needed, after informing the Core Facility users in advance for their planning.

When you are working at TATAA Genomics Core Facility someone from the TATAA staff shall be present in the facility.

You book instruments in our calendar accessible via the internet. If you are prevented from coming, cancellation must be made 24 hours before planned usage. Bookings that are not cancelled in time will be charged. One instrument run is maximum 2.5 hours and if more than two runs are booked (5 hours in total) during one day, please confirm this with your contact person at TATAA.

Your samples and reagents should be adequately labeled and contained in suitable storage boxes.

Users are responsible for their samples and the chemistry they use, and they are required to obey all safety instructions at the TATAA Genomics Core Facility provided during the mandatory Information and safety session of labs and instruments for self usage.

TATAA Biocenter accepts no responsibility for the experiments performed by the user or for quality of the acquired data.

TATAA Biocenter will invoice the accumulated usage every second month. An administration fee of 300 SEK will be added to each invoice.

Please feel free to contact us for requests and more information about TATAA Genomics Core Facility.