Core facility

Welcome to TATAA Genomics Core Facility

TATAA Biocenter in Göteborg offers you the opportunity to use our unique instrument park and cutting edge laboratories for your experiments. At our facilities you can perform all steps of real-time PCR (qPCR), sample preparation, extraction, control of nucleic acid integrity, cDNA synthesis, qPCR quantification and post-PCR analysis. At TATAA Genomics Core Facility you save time, reduce expenses, and improve data quality.

TATAA Biocenter pioneered qPCR based nucleic acid analyses in Europe and has more than a decade of experience of projects and research in the field of nucleic acid analysis and sample preparation. Our real-time PCR instrument park in Göteborg is the most advanced in Europe, has eight real-time PCR instruments from leading manufacturers including the high throughput OpenArray® system from Life Technologies.

Our aim is to make state-of-the-art qPCR technologies and know-how related to nucleic acids analysis available to academic researchers as well as commercial enterprises. We are Europe’s prime nucleic acids analysis core facility, offering access to top notch instrumentation.

Our facility in Göteborg is optimized to perform high quality experiments and handling delicate samples with confidence. We are prepared for a seamless workflow from storage of samples and extraction, to qPCR, data analysis and any downstream applications. We have separate laboratories for extraction, pre-PCR, PCR, and post-PCR to essentially eliminate the risk for contamination. We now offer you the possibility to perform your own experiments at our facility. Our clients are welcome to use all or selected offerings at our facility.

TATAA’s experts can also assist in performing selected parts of your experiments to save your time. Visit Services for more information about our commissioned services and research projects.


Our laboratory areas:

» Extraction and purification of RNA, miRNA, DNA, and protein

» Quantity and quality testing of RNA, miRNA, DNA, and protein

» Normalization and cDNA synthesis

» Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) analysis

» Post-PCR analysis

» Expert advice and consulting

» Access to office space and internet


Please feel free to contact us for requests and more information about TATAA Genomics Core Facility.